I Live My Life in Allie-ism's

The word my husband has assigned for the way I see the world.

It sometimes makes sense to other people, and sometimes it doesn't. I am cool with that. So what are my Allie-ism's? I am the oldest of 3 sisters, and that officially means I know how to be bossy. I am also a take charge kinda person, because lets be honest SOMEONE has to make the decisions! My sister's also happen to be my best friends, because even when I wore floral print leggings in the 80's with legwarmers they thought I was awesome - you can never have better friends than that.

I believe 100% that true love is totally real. And that there is no perfect recipe for it either… you learn to give and take (or in the case of my husband and I… I learned to like beer and hiking, and he learned to like antique shopping and movies that have Brad Pitt in them).

I think that people who like animals are automatically my friends - anyone who can talk to me about your dogs sleeping habits for 30 minutes, or tell me that your cat cracks you up when it jumps on your face in the morning is someone I can relate too. If you don't like animals - odds are I will try and convince you too.

I am a "Foodie". Every kind, every ethnicity… I am really open minded about what I eat. And I am super appreciate that someone came up with the term "foodie" too… it makes it much more appealing than saying "I like to eat all the time".

Being a photographer is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I don't consider it a job, I consider it a passion and all the clients I meet I consider friends… and when I get to eat cake with you at your wedding, that makes me happy.

A Few of My Favorite Things...